Cloud Storage

Store All Your Files In The Cloud

Access Your Files From Anywhere At Anytime, From Any Device.

Professional Cloud Storage from GamCo is Simple, Fast and Unlimited.
GamCo Cloud Storage will automatically backup business documents, photos, music and videos
stored on your computer, to the cloud so you are never without files again.


  • 100% Automated
  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Share your files

Try it NOW for FREE!!   Massive 20GB Storage only R10 pm 

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            [0] => Cloud Storage 20GB
            [1] => Cloud Storage 50GB
            [2] => Cloud Storage 100GB
            [3] => Cloud Storage 200GB
            [4] => Cloud Storage 500GB
            [5] => Cloud Storage 1TB

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  20GB 50GB 100GB 200GB 500GB 1TB
Monthly Fee R10.00 R25.00 R50.00 R100.00 R250.00 R500.00

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