Fishbone line Bonder

Fishbone line Bonder

FishboneTM Line Bonder from GamCo combines multiple independent access lines, through proprietary line aggregation technologies, into a single high-capacity corporate access solution offering you a lower cost alternative to traditionally high-priced access technologies, such as Diginet.

FishboneTM Line Bonder enables bonding of multiple point-to-point links such as Diginet, fibre and wireless technologies, offering a completely redundant, supplier-agnostic access solution. FishboneTM can, for example, combine 6 x 4Mbps DSL lines to output access speeds in excess of 20Mbps.

FishboneTM UTM (Unified Threat Management) is new suite of features offering a Giga-based security solution that integrates the power of FishboneTM line bonding together with network security into a single device. FishboneTM UTM offers full firewalling capabilities, VPN, content filtering, bandwidth management / QoS (Quality of Service), management reporting, video conferencing and voice support.

Standard features:

Static IP addresses

Host email and web servers on your network over ADSL

Centralised management via a NMS (Network Monitoring System)

Each FishboneTM is centrally monitored and maintained 24/7/365

Bonding over multiple access technologies

Bond DSL, fibre, diginet and/or wireless point-to-point lines

Managed DSL Line

GamCo takes the hassle of out ADSL maintenance by managing Telkom ADSL faults on a customer's behalf

Automatic failover

If a DSL line goes down, connectivity is not interrupted

Online usage limit control

Online user interface allows management of bandwidth usage limits from anywhere in the world

Bandwidth management

Policy implementation to manage, for example, bandwidth used by a mail environment

UTM features:


This new VPN feature on offers a secure communication environment that prevents unauthorised users from accessing a company's network, while at the same time reducing costs. FishboneTM uses all available broadband/access, allowing customised VPN implementation. The VPN feature supports multiple lines and sessions with automatic failover, which means that if a line goes down, the VPN session is not interrupted.


The firewall feature ensures a network's availability, as well as the security of the company's resources, by protecting the network infrastructure against unauthorised access, network- and application-layer attacks, viruses, and worms. It offers features such packet-filtering, source and destination NAT, session limitation and L7 (application) filtering, offering the ability to limit or block applications such as P2P (e.g. Bittorrent), games and instant messengers (e.g. MSN, Yahoo).

Bandwidth management / QoS

The bandwidth management feature allows control of bandwidth by implementing guaranteed and burstable IP or protocol-based bandwidth policies.


The reporting feature provides comprehensive and detailed analysis of the FishboneTM environment. The following reporting is available via the GUI (Graphical User Interface) and is exportable:

  • FishboneTM hardware performance
  • Source and destination IP usage (charting)
  • Statistical usage by protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP)
  • Statistical usage by application (web, mail, etc.)
  • Statistical usage on user-defined filters
  • Traffic accounting

Content filtering

The content filtering feature enables an organisation to control user access to inappropriate content, which reduces organisational liability and increases productivity. Using the FishboneTM web-based interface, a company administrator is able to set custom policies for website filtering, mail filtering, instant messenger filtering and FTP filtering. Advanced layer 7 (application layer) filtering is also available, allowing control of bandwidth-heavy P2P applications.

Video and voice support

Using the FishboneTM proprietary bonding protocol, the bonded access lines (DSL) are dynamically managed via line speed and quality differences (packet loss, latency, etc.), which allows for greater tolerances on a traditionally "uneven" DSL infrastructure. This feature, which is unique to FishboneTM, offers unrivalled video and voice quality over a bonded DSL connection. 


Product description

Price Monthly

Fishbone Lite VF1200

R 342.00

Fishbone port fee

R 627.00

ADSL Modem

R 57.00

Standard Bandwidth per GB

R 57.00

Prices include VAT

Minumum of 5GB Data on any Package.



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