Blackberry Email

Blackberry Email

Blackberry - a leading wireless solution for connecting your mobile users to information that drives your business.

 Wireless access to communications and information is no longer a luxury reserved for top executives - it is a business necessity for mobile workers and corridor warriors throughout your organisation.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, offered by IS, helps boost business performance by increasing overall productivity and allowing workers to make timely decisions based on the most accurate information available.

Blackberry Enterprise works seamlessly with Microsoft Hosted Exchange to provide secure access to email, calendar, tasks, notes and a browser.

  • Hosted Blackberry Enterprise Solution does not require you to buy, install or manage server software, removing the need for any upfront costs, deployment overhead or ongoing IT support costs.
  • It offers you the security and functionality of the Blackberry Enterprise solution but fully outsourced through Internet Solutions for the management of the backend systems.

The BlackBerry Enterprise solution constitutes of enterprise-class Server software that acts as the centralised link between BlackBerry Smart phones, through the use of BlackBerry Mobile Voice Carriers like MTN and Vodacom and wireless networks.

Solution Features

  •  Provides secure wireless access to email on our Hosted Exchange Platform - Blackberry Enterprise automatically delivers email to your handheld using automatic push delivery, letting you manage your important mail and be constantly responsive. You can view email attachments in popular formats such as MS Word, Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Corel WordPerfect, HTML and ASCII.
  • Access Desktop features - Gives remote users remote control of desktop features through Blackberry:
  • - Access remote file explorer - view and attach files to emails
  • - Email - Flag important email messages and add, rename, delete or move to folders
  • - Attachments - download and edit email attachments
  • - Calendar - Mobile users can pull meetings together while on the go by being able to see their colleague's calendars and by having the ability to forward appointments.
  • Personal information management - Complete wireless synchronisation of business calendar, address book, tasks and notes - keeps mobile workers up to date.
  • Web Access - Blackberry has an inbuilt browser that offers you instant wireless access to internet and intranet data whilst on the move. No need to connect or dial up.
  • No Spam - all mail into the Hosted Exchange environment is filtered through Internet Solutions Anti Spam solution.



Solution Benefits

  •  Stay competitive with affordable wireless capabilities - Get the functionality without having to outlay costs for deployment of the infrastructure. No deployment overhead or IT support costs. Per user pricing - only pay for what you use - Lowers customer acquisition costs.
  • Blackberry isn't just for large enterprises - With our infrastructure economies of scale we can offer wireless capabilities to smaller companies.
  • Grow and differentiate - Hosted Blackberry allows you to maintain multiple channels of communication with customers, increasing points of contact, immediacy of responses and your ability to keep customers satisfied.
  • Take your office out of the building - Stay close to business and your customers whether you are in a client meeting or across town or travelling on business.
  • Fixed monthly costs - Mobile email is charged at a fixed cost per user per month. No hidden surprises in your bill at the end of the month.
  • Role and group based administration capabilities - Functionality can be narrowed down according to requirements with role based policies, offering efficient management of Blackberry Smart phones. Four standard policies are on offer allowing, default, low, medium and high restrictions on actions allowed when integrating with the backend system.
  • Features an end to end security model - protects your corporate information from attacks as you send and receive email and access data wirelessly. The enterprise solution safeguards the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your corporate data with a strong encryption scheme that keeps data encrypted whilst in transit between the enterprise server and the Blackberry Smartphone.
  • Global availability - Support on hundreds of networks worldwide. Access your information from virtually anywhere. Solution has coverage and support on more than 150 wireless networks in over 60 countries


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  Blackberry Mobile email
Contract Period Monthly
Once off cost R570.00
Monthly Fee R51.30

General Terms and Conditions 

  • This service must be taken up in conjunction with a Hosted Exchange Account.
  • All prices are quoted in ZAR, exclude VAT and are subject to IS Terms and Conditions.
  • The contract period for the pricing quoted above is for 24 months. The contract will be automatically renewed if there is no customer intimation on service discontinuity with an advance notice of 30 days prior to renewal time.
  • Usage - Unlimited. Mobile phone carriers charge for use of their network.

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