VMWARE Server Hosting

At last a dedicated server solution which is reasonably priced but has all the features!

Questions for all Network Administrators:

  • How long will it take to get your server online after a hardware failure?
  • Okay, so your data is backed up - but do you have a restoration plan for your application software?
  • Even if you can get your server on line within 24 hours, how many clients do you think you will lose in that time?
  • If you were provided with a server solution that gives you 99.9% uptime, with instantaneous hardware and software failover, do you think you could get away with a solution under R10K per month?

Gamco now offers a cost effective solution to the above questions, which keep most server administrators awake at night, at a fraction of the cost. Sleep at night and concentrate on your business applications during the day!


  • Hardware & Software Failover
  • Add Processor, Memory & Storage As Needed
  • Run Any O/S & Software You Want
  • Full Access To Your Virtual Machine(s) 
  • World-Class Data Center Infrastructure 
  • Cisco Firewall Protection For Each Virtual Machine 
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection 
  • Advanced Network Intrusion Protection
  • 24/7 Hardware Monitoring

Standard Components

  • Latest Generation SUN Servers 
  • VMware Virtual Infrastructure (ESX 3.5) 
  • Intel Quad-core Xeon 3.0 GHz CPUs 
  • High-Speed ECC SDRAM Memory 
  • 1 Gbps Ethernet Network Capacity Per Server 
  • Virtual Machine High-Availability (VMware HA) 
  • RAID-Protected Storage Area Network Disk 
  • Managed Backups & Restores
  • Hot-Swap Redundant Power Supplies 
  • Redundant Managed Cisco Firewalls

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Configure your server:

Description Your ChoiceSetupMonthlyAnnual
Contract Period:  
Server Setup570.00  
1GB Hard Disk Drive   45.60  
Backup License per pool      
Backup Disk Space      
Shared Firewall      
Plesk Control Panel 100 Domains      
Monthly Security Audits      
Security Patch Installation      
Totals:   R570.00   R376.10  

  • One Way Bandwidth billed at highest of incoming or outgoing traffic. Traffic above the monthly threshold will be charged for at R0.155 per megabyte.
  • Two Way Bandwidth billed at the sum of incoming and outgoing traffic. Traffic above the monthly threshold will be charged for at R0.09 per megabyte.

Other Options

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