Archived Mail Control Solution

An effective combination of email security services such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Image and Content Control, combined with the archiving of all email related to your organisation.

Email is one of your company's most critical assets - and with worldwide email traffic projected to grow to 507 billion messages per day by 2013 managing email has never been more challenging. Not only do your employees need access to their email accounts to conduct business efficiently, you must also manage historical copies of email to comply with current regulatory requirements.

Deals hinge on email communications, and many agreements take form in emails. For this reason it is critical that you have control of your organisations email content. This powerful combination of Mail Control and Mail Archiving means you can now take full control of all email content on your network. To better understand this solution and its benefits, it is broken into two components, Mail Control and Mail Archiving.

Mail Control

Electronic communications carry a host of threats that can impact negatively on your organisations efficiency, productivity and reputation. For instance, a single infected message or ‘bad' web link could compromise your entire network.

Threats are also becoming increasingly better targeted at businesses of all types and sizes. GamCo's Mail Control solution is the most convenient and cost-effective way of reducing messaging risks. Because it is fully outsourced, it helps eliminate the need for you to keep investing in expensive in-house expertise and infrastructure.

GamCo's Mail Control solution incorporates multiple elements that integrate with one another to deliver a seamless email solution to any organisation.

The Mail Control Stack



Content Control

Image Control


Protects your network from viruses, trojans, phishing and other damaging email-borne malware

Utilizes proactive and reactive techniques to protect against known and unknown malware

Harnesses proprietary Skeptic TM euristics technology

Includes unique link following feature that scans for malicious URL links in emails

Is fully configurable, with multiple actions for dealing with malware


Stops spam entering your network, boosting your employees' productivity and saving you money

Deploys multi-layered, leading-edge defences against both established and emerging spam techniques

Incorporates our unique Skeptic TM technology

Is completely configurable, enabling you to enforce flexible, customized policies


Detects and controls confidential or inappropriate email content (incoming and outgoing)

Scans all email components, including subject, body and attachments

Delivers exceptional functionality, flexibility and ease of use for administrators


Enables notifications to be configured for each rule and action type

Recognizes keywords and phrases in both Western and non-Western characters


Prevents your staff from receiving pornographic and other unsuitable email images

Uses highly sensitive and configurable scanning engine to scan images in emails and attachments

Provides quick and easy administrator interface and set-up

Includes local and global databases of image signatures

Enables customisation of approved sender and recipient lists


Business benefits that result from choosing GamCo's Mail Control Solution include:

  • Save bandwidth with gateway protection
  • Security and confidentiality of all your electronic communications
  • Protection of your network against downtime and disruption
  • Email spooling for 7 days in the event of your email server failing
  • Compliance with legislation and acceptable use policies (AUP)
  • Effective risk management and control
  • Affordable and predictable cost
  • Services which are easy to configure and manage
  • 24x7 professional support

GamCo Archiving Service Difference •	Completely hosted deployment with no onsite hardware, software or client plug ins  •	Archiving solution is suitable for any email platform   •	End user access via Microsoft Outlook, OWA, secure web portal or BlackBerry client  •	Support for Microsoft Exchange, Domino, GroupWise and Linux email servers  •	Unlimited Storage and Unlimited Retention Mail Archiving

Mail Archiving is a service designed to help your company address the challenges of email storage management, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance. It safely archives internal and external emails off site, while providing rapid, on-demand access to your emails after they have been archived.

The service's key components combine unlimited storage and unlimited retention for your emails, with quick and easy search and retrieval.

End users can search and use emails in their personal archives via Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access, through a secure web-based interface or via their BlackBerry, delivering rapid search results. Administrators can search globally or they can delegate limited access to other users.

Service Level Agreement


SLA Guarantee

Service Uptime


Spam Catch Rate


Virus Catch Rate






Archived Mail Control

R 64.00 per user per month

Ingestion of Legacy Emails

R 114.00 per GB


Archived Mail Control includes the entire email solution stack mentioned above. This incorporates Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Image Control, Content Control and Unlimited Email Archiving. Not included in the monthly per user price above is legacy data ingestion and the BlackBerry service.

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