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GamCo Fax Solutions is a state-of-the-art fax over IP service offered by GamCo to the Corporate and SMME market supported by the GamCo infrastructure. GamCo Fax Solutions offer a seamless operation with no software or hardware requirements that includes least cost routing (LCR) fax facilities to National destinations like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth and most International destinations supported by Pangea Communications Corporation who currently have the largest fax network in the world with the biggest footprint covering all continents.


As Corporate Governance rules and regulations become more stringent, with particular reference to acceptance of e-mails as official documentation, the demand for corporate and SMME fax solutions is increasing. An electronic faxing solution is far more cost efficient, less time consuming, and significantly more secure than traditional faxing methods. A user now has the ability to seamlessly communicate with both email and fax clients simultaneously, and through the desktop e-mail platform using SMTP as Internet Email, attached files are delivered to traditional fax machines.

A VAX user has the ability to send faxes worldwide from their desktop e-mail platform and to receive faxes direct into their e-mail Inbox with their own unique fax number.

  • Sending Faxes from e-mail
  • Receive Faxes as e-mail with own unique fax number (011, 012, 021, 031 & 041)
User Benefits and Cost Savings
  • Immediate connection and activation as no software or hardware is required resulting in no lead time for the installation of equipment.
  • Outbound fax operates with existing e-mail systems including Microsoft Exchange or Outlook.
  • No expensive fax server system with the associated maintenance and support staff.
  • Utilises current investment in e-mail, internet infrastructure, systems and software.
  • Confirmation of fax delivery / non-delivery to senders's e-mail Inbox.
  • Received faxes can be re-directed to any e-mail address worldwide.
  • Eliminates the media cost of incoming faxes (savings on paper and printing costs) as well as the labour cost of fax distribution.
Service Description Monthly Charge
VAX facility R85.50
Individual Fax to Email facility addition 011,012,021,031,041 R57.00
Individual Email to Fax facility addition 011,012,021,031,041 R28.50

Individual Fax to Email 086 - Order Now

Traffic: Inbound on 011, 012, 021, 031 & 041 only R0.33 per page
Traffic: Out-bound As per our Rate Sheet
30 Day Archiving R0.00

Terms & Conditions
  • Prices include VAT and are valid for 30 days from date of quotation.
  • Delivery of the service is subject to signature of the GamCo Fax Solutions Contract terms and conditions.
  • Configuration 1 Day (1 working day) from receipt of order.
National Rates for VAX as of July 2003

Note: Minimum billing of 1 Minute applies to all destinations.

Code Destination First Minute Each following 30 sec
011 Johannesburg R0.97 R0.50
012 Pretoria R0.97 R0.50
021 Cape Town R0.97 R0.50
031 Durban R0.97 R0.50
041 Port Elizabeth R0.97 R0.50
  Rest of South Africa R1.71 R1.03
0860 Number Sharing R1.60 R0.57
083 MTN R3.31 R1.60
082 Vodacom R3.31 R1.60
081 Other R3.31 R1.60
080 Toll Free R1.60 R0.57
0861 Number Sharing R1.94 R1.08

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