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SMS Mail makes use of any mail package and allows users to send SMS Messages directly from their chosen email client.
Sent messages are stored in the email "sent items", and replies to the sent SMS are received directly to the users email Inbox.

How does SMS Mail work...?

  • SMS Mail is an "over the wire" service. In other words, an organisation makes use of the service though their existing Internet connection.
  • The sender uses the recipients cellular number as part of an email address, to send to the desired recipient. (eg
  • Using the standard email package, the sender compiles the message in their email window.
  • Once the SMS message is complete, the user clicks send, and the message is sent to the GamCo SMS Mail Service, where it is delivered to the selected recipients.
  • Sent items are stored in the email package, as with any other email sent by the sender.
  • Replies from the recipient are delivered directly to the user via email. The reply message is comprehensive, and includes the message the original sender sent to the recipient.


Integration with current mail package:

  • Email address for SMS Contacts - A standard format for the sending of addresses is used, allowing integration with any email package. All a user needs to do is be a registered user on the SMS Mail system, and know the format of the email address to use (this is in the format of, for example:
  • Sent Items - All SMS' sent are stored in the email sent items as per any other email, allowing for a record of all sent items.
  • Reply supported - All replies to SMS' are delivered directly to the users Inbox. The received item also contains the original message sent by the user for easy reference to the context of the SMS.
  • Long messages - Long messages are supported by SMS Mail.
  • Work with alternate mail packages - if a Web mail client is being used, for instance, the SMS Mail service is unaffected, and SMS' are sent regardless.

Web based Reporting Interface

  • Status reports - Via a web interface, each user has access to the status reports of their sent SMS'.
  • Full reporting - Via a web interface, SMS track and trace including interactions are provided.


SMS Mail is a powerful SMS messaging application that leverages any mail package a user selects. Using SMS Mail corporates can now send and receive both email and SMS messages from the same package. The tricky part of any SMS application is how it achieves network access since SMS applications (unlike email applications that connect once to the SMTP network) require connections to each mobile network. SMS Mail uses the GamCo Intelligent Network (GIN) to solve the SMS network connection problem. GIN represents a significant investment in robust infrastructure and technical and operation resources.



Notify staff of important meetings

"The CEO will address all staff tomorrow at 9am. Please move meetings to attend"

Message negotiators with important information

"Have calculated we could drop our price to R100 per piece; use this as bottom limit"

Provide sales support information

"We are launching a 10% off sales promotion on our Red box product starting 31 July. See email in your inbox for more details"

Mobile field staff support

"Optimised job list: Broken handset at 3 Query Place, Kenilworth; intermittent line fault at 27 Pearce Road, Plumstead; No dial tone 23 Constantia heights, Constantia"

Delivery staff support

"Cancel delivery of order #254 at 24 Rudd Road, customer cannot take delivery today"


The basic SMS Mail contract is limited as follows:

  • Messaging is limited to SMS messages to South African subscribers of Vodacom, MTN and Cell-C.


GAMCO provides a complete suite of person-to-person, application-to-person and data-file to person messaging services to address all your messaging requirements across all available electronic channels.

Assistance in on site installation can be provided, if required. Such assistance is provided on a time and materials basis or on a fixed cost basis for larger installations.


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